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looking forward & not turning back

final day of the week...

looking forward into the weekend, get good rest & prepare myself for the VTC session this Sat. man...i'm so goddamn tired slept in the bus all the way back home. oh, my revised/ revamped script - cut short to 2mins. so have to be straight forward then...gotta crack me useless brain to squeeze out its juices later today...need some rest before rewriting the whole goddamn thing.

interesting session. got most "confessions" out of everyone, including me. no more hiding frm ppl, nor afraid of anything else. most members are becoming more & more closer now,that's good.

"a moment of carthasis (really???)" retrieved frm youth.arm blog

hello ppl!

1st of all, thanx paik yin, i think i should advertise my blog link right in this very post. it's
like ghafir, i'm also new into all these blogging stuff, so i guess i'll take it slowly & gently at a time.. should i start??? after all the evaluation conundrums (shall i just ditch the word evaluation & just call it frantic self-check???) we all went thru (or maybe it was just me??i bet everyone's feeling the same ya), i realise tht it takes more than just plain jump off the depends on each & every individual on how they confront/handle the situation (or tension, rather).as for me, i realise tht i can indulge into something very, very, VERY DEEPLY & i personally find it dificult 2 let go of things/memories until i realise i need 2 move on. i'm saying this because i felt a big pang after the individual "self-check". i also said this because i've always been paranoia of …

VTC comments on individual evaluation (updated)

frm victor via email, Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:23:51 -0800 (PST):
;-) nice to know there are ppl who appriciate our efforts...

ill be abroad for the weekend. so hope you guys get the best out of Ghfir's workshop.. ask all u can.. next week when we get together, lets review the evaluation and improve on all yer pieces..

also nice to know some ppl have started to open up.... we need more of that guys..

toodaloo....cherios .. and cornflakes..

frm square via youth.arm blog, 11/30/2004 07:41:57 PM:
"i did mention to square why i didn't do much acting during my "U" days. i told him i feel easily frustrated if i don't fulfill the character's "body & emotion"...well, here's my answer. i'm afraid to indulge/attach deeply into characters tht partially represents my TRUE emotions; i'm afraid 2 let all the skeletons in my closet out & i let them haunt me the rest of my entire life!! scary, isn't it?"
I think most people have a similar p…



welcome to my blog. hopefully with this new web blog, i'm able to add & create new post just to update myself & perhaps others (if you guys are able to add some input as a reminder to me, i really appreciate 'em v.much).

any comments etc. are warmly welcomed here. & i don't mind if you guys kutuk me in my own blog. i'm beign dead honest here.

'nuff said. the rest is up to you ppl.