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alia's activities (to be updated)

well, well, well...

after my long M.I.A., i've finally got something right (at least, that's how i wish & hope it would be!)...getting back onto the right track, plus getting busy.

activities as follows:
13/03/05: submit finished mock-up model to friend in ASK (friend's favor)

17/03/05: UM's theatre prod. bump-in, 8am @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri

18/03/05: lights rigging, adjusting & focusing & plotting session
: run through + technical rehearsal(s)

19/03/05: SHOW TIME, 8.30pm @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya

20/03/05: SHOW TIME, 3.30pm @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya

APRIL '05 - free!!! except for ASK classes, that is...

MAY '05
mid-May (most probably around 24/5/05): rehearsals for ASK production "PROTES"
sundays: ASK classes @ 2pm...this' what happens if you're the kinda person who love's to skip classes... :P
also somewhere in May: office's short perfromance for the Rewards …

as posted on youth.arm blog 2/3/05

1) screwed! improvised
well, this more or less the same story as my previous post only i'd figure it's better to be direct,straight-into-your-face kinda stuff. take your pick ppl!!

screwed! scene: in an isolated room in an asylum. a girl stared into the blank space in front of her, emotionless. there's a distant yet crystal-clear voice saying, "you've hurt me so deeply & it's funny that you still have your daughter & wife with you. you've used me so much i felt isolated, perhaps alienated from everyone else, including my family. worse of all, you despised my circle of friends for what they are but you are no better yourself. you are no womaniser but you are the Dajjal yourself, using your so-called piousness to deceit the whole world, even women. you are a destroyer & i hope that God'll forgive you for all the sins you've done & the damage you've made. i'll never forgive you for what you've done to me & i pity your …