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contd of :)))

i've got the offer~ going to UiTM Shah Alam this december
ahahaha...sooo happy :D


another lazy, boring saturday morning (or weekend rather)...and it's fasting month.

oh yeah, which reminds me to wish all you people out there happy fasting & may you be strong (evil grin).

like i said, it's a boring weekend here (or probably it's just me). nothing's met my expectations so far, i.e. career-wise coz i'm getting fed up at work. maybe i'm just too annoyed by the working hours or unsatisfied customers nagging, even screaming right into your bloody ears, which in many years to come i'd be diagnosed as D.E.A.F. by the ENT specialist if i don't pity my eardrums.

>sigh< i guess that's what us humans do if we're upset etc. of something/someone. it kinda gets you up there (the brain) for quite a period of time. anyways...i'm tired with all these, just wanna have some peace of mind. don't worry, i just need some Zzzz~ as i've just got back from work.

life's to be enjoyed & live life to the fullest but always remem…