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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

characters:a girl, mother, father, doctor

the story focuses on the girl & whtever she's going through in her coma.

a girl, probably 9 or 10 yrs old lying in a hospital bed, admitted for about 3 days because she had acute asthma. her face is off white & her lips are bluish. she's on oxygen gas & life support & her parents are beside her, hoping & praying to God that she'll make it through. as she lay unconscious in bed, she had dreams/ visions - sees her parents - quarrelling, disagreeing with each other over issues (upset with in-laws, work conflict, relative rivalry, etc.)mother repeatedly shouting out for a divorce whilst father was being extra patience with mother. all these happened mostly without her knowing her parents fought as both parents didnt show any signs of tension/discomfort to one another.

each day/night, in her dreams, the girl will see how the relationship between her parents worsen & each time she sees these tears rolling out of her tightly shut eyelids. as she sees the visions each day/night, her life grows shorter (shown at the ECG monitor). the girl's life very crucial on the 3rd day & the doctor adviced tht chances are very thin, 80% she wont be able to make it alive. parents very, very sad - mother cried hysterically while father tried to console her. he was shaking too. the doctor could only advise them to pray harder to God for a miracle.

as for the girl, she was fading away into a wonderful, calm, cooling place. she was floating in mid-air, felt serene. but she felt something was amiss - she could hear faraway voices, voices she recognised frm tht serene, happy place. then she heard a voice frm above saying tht she could make a difference in her current life - she can make life better for her parents. but how, she wondered...

then, as if she was revived,the girl started to show signs of recovering. the doctor & parents are amazed yet grateful that the girl already beginning to show positive signs. slowly the girl opened her eyes & she sees her parents tht had never left her side, then the doctor. the girl reaches out for both her parents' hands & gripped them firm & brought the hands close to her chest. her eyes full of compassion & hope.

mother used to be brought up in a wealthy family but not spoilt. she deeply fell in love with father when she was working with an insurance firm in the city & later married father despite her mother's dislikes of father. her life with father was a-ok for a while,until they've been neglected by relatives due to material standards (father came frm a poor family & relatives say tht he'll bring poverty to the rest of the family/ he's only interested into the mother's inheritance).

father was a typical kampung boy, who had to struggle in his youths & teens to earn money to further his studies. he 1st met mother during college yrs but then jsut kept feelings to himself & later on asked mother's hand-of-marriage aft. they meet again (he was already working with an agricultural firm & applying for insurance @ the firm mother's working for). due to his social background (poor kampung boy), the mother-in-law despised him so much tht everything was amiss to her eyes. he didnt say anything but continued to respect her & other relatives without cursing. a very, very patient man although he had harsher times with the relatives & in-laws.