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characters:a girl, mother, father, doctor

the story focuses on the girl & whtever she's going through in her coma.

a girl, probably 9 or 10 yrs old lying in a hospital bed, admitted for about 3 days because she had acute asthma. her face is off white & her lips are bluish. she's on oxygen gas & life support & her parents are beside her, hoping & praying to God that she'll make it through. as she lay unconscious in bed, she had dreams/ visions - sees her parents - quarrelling, disagreeing with each other over issues (upset with in-laws, work conflict, relative rivalry, etc.)mother repeatedly shouting out for a divorce whilst father was being extra patience with mother. all these happened mostly without her knowing her parents fought as both parents didnt show any signs of tension/discomfort to one another.

each day/night, in her dreams, the girl will see how the relationship between her parents worsen & each time she sees these tears rolling out of her …