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(lazy) Update

managed to crack up this lazy brain of mine to compose a few updates. bad nerve coordination I believe, even my fingers were reluctant to agree to what the brain commanded them to do. (lame excuse!)

Last two week's been a hectic week (well... not really) - Children coming into rehearsals in a messy studio-cum-clubhouse of ours (Bingkas Kebayan's), Angkatan Karyawan Aktif Kuala Lumpur (ANGKA)'s theatre fragment video shoot, plus me attending a half-day crash course of Final Cut Pro video editing at manggis (kudos to sifu Abang Pojie @ Fauzee Nasir, Kak Yan's hubby).

Bingkas Kebayan's rehearsals for its 1st musical, Mahkota Buana
The rehearsals have already begun since we've finished the MPAJ's Maulud project last March. At the moment the kids are... well, rehearsing. A few of them have gone into recording music guides for the musical at Quantize Studio, Pandan Indah.

Definitely, after each production, the production team "suffers" post-production pha…