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Weekend/day(?) fun

some of the many magic & wonders of creative technology :) really enjoyed fidgeting with Adobe Elements 5.0. if only i could just figure out how to post offline galleries to the Net...

Toast 'em! (2006 collection)

Warming up & vocals everybody!!

Video anyone?

have a visit @

care to drop a few comments or so :)

Creating a new website

Too occupied lately with assignments, coaching... glad i could spend some time updating this blog (hopefully others too), soon.

I'll be maintaining Persatuan Anjung Seni Bingkas Kebayan, Malaysia's website (URL Feel free to check it out.

For now, blogger will be the host for the Bingkas Kebayan's info (still adding things onto it).


A bit of here & there...

just added another bit of 'literature' to my other blog. kinda jumbled up lately - datelines to catch due to our group's theatre shoot this coming March. and... totally to update my so-called schedule of activities, as usual.

will do that, later...!


what a relief...

after a few weeks (or months?!) of being unable to access my blog, FINALLY i've managed to do so today.

nothing much of an activity I guess... only that I'll be starting my classes this semester (yay!!!). hopefully all goes well.

will be updating my blog soon. hopefully I'll have more juices to spice up my blogs (yes! both blogs).

have faith, believe in thyself.