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iklaneka (english version): Basic Children's Theatre Workshop

Basic Children's Theatre Workshop

Persatuan Anjung Seni Bingkas Kebayan, Malaysia, in collaboration with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam Gallery will organize Basic Children's Theatre Workshop on 18 November-24 December 2006 in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam, simultaneously.

Interested and enthusiastic primary until IPT students as well as adults are welcome to participate.

As an alternative activity during the school holidays, the workshop is hoped to produce new talented individuals who are passionate in the arts. The workshop venues will be located at 1, Jalan 5/8 Pandan Indah and Galeri Shah Alam, Persiaran Tasik, Tasik Barat respectively.

A team of experienced instructors will conduct music, vocals (singing) and dance in Kuala Lumpur and another in Shah Alam - vocals (acting and poetry citing) and scenography (set, prop design, puppet-making, make-up and printing). Fellow instructors include Yahaya Othman, Nazri Idris, Zahimarni Hamzah, Zamri Hamazah, Ramlan…

photo(s) from "JANGAN"

taken from gurisan intaglio's blogspot. thnx mate!

Comments- APA Project: "JANGAN"


4 Aug 2006

Dua filem, Satu Teater- Kesemuanya Permata Malaysia

Teater 'Jangan' Boleh!

'Jangan' adalah sebuah teater arahan Hamdan Yasin yang diambil ideanya daripada Sudiro Sukiman, ditayangkan percuma untuk dua hari di Taman Budaya dengan khalayak penonton yang memberangsangkan. Satu tepukan dan "horaaay" pada KekWa dan aktivis-aktivis teater kerana aku tersedar, kali ini, sudah adanya kehidupan teater Malaysia, nadinya sudah mula terasa dengan pelbagai premis untuk menyiarkan teater, syabas!
Syabas juga buat Artis Penjuru Alam, produksi yang menerbit teater ini. Bukan apa. Seluruh pelakon dalam kumpulan teater ini, semuanya muda-muda, muka-muka baru dalam lapangan dunia teater. Semuanya bersemangat, bersungguh-sungguh dan tahu apa itu lakonan. Kalah Nasha Aziz dalam Lantai T. Pinkie. Mikhael Hafiz, Noor Azwani, Muhammad Asraf, Idham, Aina Basiran, Danial Arif, Abdul Manan, Nur Masliana, Nor Huzaimi, A'sikin, Ahmad Tarmi…

Simply adding photos as i've got no work to do (la la la la~)

my favourite animal...wish i could be like it, smart & free
smile~ u're on candid camera!
memori daun pisang....
my Sijil Teknologi Pentas (ASK) project 2005oh well....what can i say...i've just finished another project with APA ( recently & i'm soo bored, or rather enthusiastic to wait for another project yet to arrive. this month's a promising one but i'm not sure if i can survive (sakit xde $$ ler weii...ingat keje free lance ni sonang ko?!) anyway just be patient, be very, very patient...

"SEraBut" + it's KL Arts' Festival month!!!

this is a very "serabut" week for me...anyway those who are interested in watching theatre, please do come watch a comedy theatre "JANGAN" performed at the Taman Budaya KL this coming 28 & 29 July 2006, 8:30pm. admission free. how to get there? just stop at the PUTRA LRT Central Market station & it's roughly a 5 minutes' walk. the location? it's beside the KL traffic police's station. all right, see you there & let's all support the KL Arts' Festival happening this month of July!!!

UiTM MA students' trip to FRIM

these photos taken from my classmate's fotopages' website (thanx ea, i owe u 1 :D). enjoy 'em while u still can!!!

quite tiring actually...

last week was chaos+thrill+fun :)
well...nothing much really except that all the enthuasiasm of designing & operating the lights for "Toast!" & "Wake Up & Smell the Coffee" (rugi weh sape tak gi tengok!!) . i'm happy & relieved, at least i feel that i've survived the 1 week of mental torture hehe.

anyways...u guys can check out my (art)works at my friendster blog's photo album:

nuff said! i'm outta here!!!

Am I like that??? (characteristics shown according to the month u're born)

1. Abiding
2. Able to show character
3. Active mind
4. Brand conscious
5. Choosy and always wants the best
6. Daydreamer
7. Easily bored
8. Easily hurt
9. Easily influenced by kindness
10. Executive
11. Friendly
12. Funny and humorous
13. Fussy
14. Good debating skills
15. Having lots of ideas
16. Hesitating
17. Knows how to make friends
18. Loves to dress up
19. Loves to joke
20. Polite and soft-spoken
21. Prone to getting colds
22. Seldom show emotions
23. Sensitive
24. Stubborn
25. Takes time to recover when hurt
26. Talkative
27. Temperamental
28. Tends to delay
29. Thinks far with vision
30. Those who hate me are friends
31. Those who love me are enemies

just think & lemme know k?? heheh


Coffee & Toast! Details are as below: Performances:
a) Play - "Toast!" - Original Script by Shahredza Minhat
b) Monolog - Excerpts of "Wake up and smell the coffee" - Eric Bogosian Script Dates:
Fri-Sat : 24 - 25 Feb 2006 (830 p.m.)
Sunday: 26 Feb 2006 (230 p.m. and 830 p.m.) Venue:
Taman Budaya, Jabatan Kebudayaan,Kesenian & Warisan, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Kuala Lumpur (Accessible by Central Market/Pasar Seni Putra LRT) Tickets :
RM 10 (contact Mukeh - 012-2552071 or For further details (Synopsis,cast & crew, map), Please visit (updating in progress) REMINDER : CONTENT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 18 Share and Forward to everybody and every mailing list you know!

activities' updates

JANUARY '06 - started classes @ UiTM Shah Alam

early Feb '06: busy with classes, brain-cracking - asking questions of what I'll be doing for the next 3 semesters inUiTM (my research proposal, that is) as well as attending my 1st rehearsal after 2 MONTHS of vacation (restaging "Toast!" & "Wake UP & Smell the Coffee" @ Tmn Budaya KL, beside the KL Police Traffic Building)
21 Feb '06: Bump into Taman Budaya KL
22 Feb '06: Technical rehearsal
23 Feb '06: Press conference (TBC)
24-25 Feb '06: SHOW @ 8PM
#times to be confirmed again#

MARCH '06: classes, exams, presentations.... i think

APRIL '06: performance by APA Group


Nurhayati Alia Mohd Sallehhuddin
AN7, Jalan 1/3, Taman Desa Kenanga, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor.
60- 8724 7071
12 June 1981

Educational Background
UiTM Shah Alam: MA Visual Communications & New Media, Present
ASWARA (formerly known as ASK): Cert. in Technical Stage, 2005
University Malaysia Sarawak: BA (Hons.) Drama & Theatre, graduated Aug 2004PTPL College Shah Alam: Matriculation Cert., 2001
ACTING"Woyzeck" directed by Esnani Elias, performed at Panggung Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur for KL Theatre Festival 2007 (8 July)
"Woyzeck" directed by Esnani Elias, performed at Panggung Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur for KL Theatre Festival 2007 (8 July)
"Teater Digital Kanak-kanak Bersiri POHON KASIH" directed by Zaki Muhamad, performed at Auditorium Dewan Bahasa Kuala Lumpur (16-18 March) POETRY WRITING
"Forward Towards Glory" for RTM


pls be advised that from this day onwards, the rojak poetry blog has been renamed Is This What U Call Literature??? but the URL remains the same.

happy new year ppl!!!!