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M.I.A. (updated)

my activities which involves the arts scene (or theatre most likely):
january (saturdays & sundays): attend part time classes @ The National Arts Academy (aka ASK) in Theatre Tech. if there are no classes, i usually hang around @ the institute watching my friends running their rehearsals.

march (19-20/3/05): involve into my friend's final year project - lighting design (my fav.!). rumours have it performed @ Auditorium Jab. Perdana Menteri Putrajaya. hmm....
*UPDATE* Final year project "The MAgic Feather Boa" performing @ Auditorium JAbatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya, 19-20/3/05. Times TBC.

april: involve into ASK final year student's project. Date(s) & time(s) TBC.
june: help another friend of mine with his project in ASK. TBC.

hmm...when am i suppose to get active back in VTC??? most probably after i've finished my short term classes in ASK, i hope.