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New blog up, an e-novel of my own on (WIP) Aku Bukan Anak Patung. check it out!


It has been awhile (too long, in fact) since I wrote anything in this blog. Anyway, being a daughter and under care of parents, I have been nagged quite a number of times (too much I believe) to stabilize myself so that I can help my parents to support myself and other siblings, and of course, my parents. I believe it is everyone's responsibilities to pay gratitude to their parents and take care of them in return.
However, when I told them I wanted to pursue my ambition as a lighting designer, the reaction I got from my dad was, "Oh, so that's like, struggling for an electric engineer post." At first I ignored that tell-tale signs. As I return home for the Eid Mubarak festive and stayed at my parents' for awhile, again the subject was brought up.
I kept this to myself, "Why is it so difficult to be a lighting designer here (in Malaysia)?" Well, possible reason(s) would be: It's a men's world out there. Only individuals with Electrical qualificati…