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i need a calendar in this blog 2 keep track of my activities (do i hv any?!). v. occupied with work until i forgot 2 update this lonely, isolated blog of mine (isn't this supposed 2 be my e-journal 4 VTC???).

my rough activities outline (so i think it should b called):

December 04: managed to be employed into my new work @ HSBC Cyberjaya (wk1)
: managed to attend VTC's classes (wks 2,3)
: bz @ work (induction training) (wk 4)

January 05 : enrolled into ASK short course (wk1)
: just finished my induction & being deployed 2 USA dept (wks 2-4)
- need 2 adjust my body clock according 2 USA online time

sadly, i've got insufficient time 2 "indulge" myself actively in any theatre/arts performances due 2 my crazy schedule (i asked 4 it didn't i?). i'm still figuring things out & reshuffling my time, which i spend mostly s…

22/1/05 session

ensemble work


how to say this?
hm...ok, fine - i totally lost it! so much 4 the discussion w/my team mate azhar. i lost it for about a moment of eternity there. it seemed forever, since i've been too atached w/my new workplace. but anyways, not 2 broken hearted - all comments are taken positively, thanx 2 the members of the floor & victor's comments.

moral of the story?
all work & no play makes alia a zombie gal of the day (or night)!!
ppl, pls don't end up like me...PLEASE I BEG U!!!

new year resolution(s)

i wish that this year i'll be more focused (i try to!), mature (hmmm...) & hopefully be a 1000x better than i was previous years ago (wow, that's quite sometime ain't it?)

btw...i was thinking of creating a new blog, most probably a poetry the idea this evening & perhaps get some people to contribute/share their poems on this particular blog. anyone can comment each other's piece.

i think i should create the blog NOW.