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feast on this!!!

something for the eyes...check it out!!!

it's me again

bz again (more likely off the hook)...

my life's a whole massive entangled wires that i'll need to sort out a strand at a time & it's causing me a lifetime!!!!

anyway..i'm planning to pursue my masters hopefully by the end of this year (yeay!!!) & become yet another graduate pondering what to do with poor miserable life...wish me all the best ppl. what i'll be doing? hmm...visual communications in UiTM Shah Alam...broad prospect i hear from the experts.

til then, i'll still be working @ my miserable place in cyberjaya until further outcome of my masters application. by the way, i'll still have like 4 miserable months to complete my 1 year in that company so wish me well & hopefully i'm brave to go through the 4 months...

hope i'm still sane though... :)

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ever wondered one day, after that long deep slumber you'd get up feeling there's something amiss somewhere? have you ever wondered that you'd missed something so valuable that it hurts your heart so badly?? life had been a long, winding journey...perhaps an eternal one...perhaps an enigma or an occurance. too many choices, yet the slightest incorrect decision leaves you scarred or traumatized for another decade or two, maybe your entire life...scary ain't it?believe it, it is...

my activities updated...after a while :)

activities as follows:
13/03/05: submit finished mock-up model to friend in ASK (friend's favor)
17/03/05: UM's theatre prod. bump-in, 8am @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya
18/03/05: lights rigging, adjusting & focusing & plotting session: run through + technical rehearsal(s)
19/03/05: SHOW TIME, 8.30pm @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya
20/03/05: SHOW TIME, 3.30pm @ Auditorium Jabatan Perdana Menteri Putrajaya

APRIL '05 - free!!! except for ASK classes, that is...

MAY '05
mid-May (most probably around 24/5/05): rehearsals for ASK production "PROTES"
sundays: ASK classes @ 2pm...this' what happens if you're the kinda person who love's to skip classes... :P
also somewhere in May: office's short performance for the Rewards & Recognition ceremony (it was supposedly held in mid-April)

JUNE '05 - helping out ASK friends with theatre performance "PROTES"
performance cancelled

JULY '05 - ZZZzzz..…